2014: look back

Recaps of 2014 are so old now that we are already so deep into a new year, right?  I told myself that I wasn’t going to do a 2014 recap.  I started seeing all of these blog and Instagram posts about accomplishments and milestones in 2014 and I got really discouraged.  When I see really amazing things done by other bloggers/people I am inspired but I don’t get a surge of motivation, I get really anxious and critical of myself.  The more I saw the highlight reels, the more I started feeling like What the heck did I even do last year?? I did what I always do when I get that knot in my stomach…made a list.  I literally wrote down every project I did for clients and myself and you know what?  I actually did have a pretty good reason for feeling busy throughout 2014…

Rachna’s library
Amy’s bedroom
Raven’s bedroom (in progress)
Raven’s closet
Raven’s living
room (in progress)
Raven’s boys’
Dana’s bedroom
(in progress)
Madeline’s living
room (in progress)
Jody’s living
room (in progress)
Jody’s family
room (in progress)
Devon’s playroom
(in progress)
Maurine’s hallway
Maurine’s kids
bedrooms (in progress)

Molly, Grace, and
Finley’s rooms

Jamie’s living room
Purvi’s dining room (in progress)

I am excited about all of those projects up there and one of my first goals this year is to get some of them photographed.  I have found a great photographer here in Charlotte and I am so excited to have her shoot some of these rooms.  I am in the process of finishing up some of them and deciding which I will style for photographs.  I also tackled some fun e-design projects this year…

e-design 2014

For all design boards click, here.

I also brought my sister, Lauren, on to help and she and I also started some local events.  We hosted our first makeCLT (formerly makeShop but had to change the name due to trademark issues) and had a blast getting creative with some local ladies.  For that complete post click, here.

We also set up our first Style Sessions back in October.  This was my idea born out of my desire to offer free and simple advice on decorating and I plan to host more this spring!  
For more info on Style Sessions click, here.
I feel like I found a good groove with blogging this year as far as keeping myself sane.  I took a lot of the pressure off myself and it brought back the fun of blogging for me.  I continue to struggle with deciding how much time to put into the behind-the-scenes of blogging but I am just going to take it day by day.
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This apporach seems to work for me at this stage of life.  My kids require 24 hour thought and I want to always feel like that side of things is outweighing all the other stuff.  Personally we had a pretty good year as a family.  We had a couple rough spots (Harper knocking out two teeth and general life stress) but overall we had another year which is better than not having another year, right?
And I am very excited for another year ahead to build my design business.  My true love continues to be in the actual hands-on work of bringing a room together and I hope that 2015 will bring in more fun clients!  So, no real resolutions. more life-long goals…read more, be more organized, watch more Housewives, enjoy the moment, eat less Taco Bell, be patient with my kids, buy more fleece-lined leggings, spend quality time with the people I love, have more self-control in Target, and keep setting new and fun goals for myself.  Thank you to all of you that come here and read and here’s to a fun new year!

2014 highlights
2014 highlights
2014 highlights
2014 highlights
2014 highlights
2014 highlights