Thursday, August 28, 2014

grocery store flowers + scraps = beautiful bouquet

Taylor likes to surprise me by bringing home random bouquets of flowers.  I am a firm believer in "it's the thought that counts" which is why I appreciate that, when I ask him to grab something from the grocery store on his way home from work, he also grabs flowers for me.  

Ladies who have received these kind of flowers, back me up here, they aren't always the prettiest. (Taylor I love you!)  The thought behind them is awesome but the florist don't really go all out on these.  But because I am not one to pass up a gift of any sort, especially something I can use in home decor, I have found a way to make these kinda blah arrangements and make them really pretty.

I have learned to take a bouquet like this and add some scraps from my yard to create not one, but usually at least two really pretty arrangements.

Grab some leafy branches from your yard.  Really anything can work- just look for pretty leaves.
 Next, I have to set my dining room up as a flower shop...

Separate each group of like flowers and greenery

I will even use old dead branches.  Even leaf-less they can add interesting shape and color.
Especially if you are going for a more natural vibe.

grab your favorite vases/glasses/jars
I like to use a variety of sizes around my house!
Then cut the stems at different lengths so the flowers will poke out at varying heights.

I like to start with the greenery and then layer flowers on top.
I use the green as almost a backdrop.


These $4 bunches from the grocery store can turn into beautiful unique arrangements with just a little fluffing.  And nothing beats a vase of fresh flowers.



And one trick I learned recently is that you put a little mouthwash in with the water.  The theory is that it helps kill bacteria that make your flowers die faster.

I tried it with my small vase but not the large.
I'm such a scientist.

And a week later, I have to say, the mouthwash version was looking better!

(non mouthwash version)

What's your trick for getting your grocery store flowers looking better and living longer??


  1. gorgeous! i love the texture and fullness the oversized leaves add!

  2. Gotta love grocery store flowers! Way less expensive than from the florist. And love the greenery you added too :)

  3. Beautiful arrangements. I swear by Trader Joe's flowers. So much great stuff to split and separate and the prices are crazy good.

  4. Such pretty blooms! I love buying flowers from the grocery store too. They're always much cheaper and sometimes I luck out and get pretty decent ones that are marked, manager's special!


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