Tuesday, September 2, 2014

painting and creativity

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I threw a teaser out there about a painting I would unveil today...

But, here's the truth...what I envisioned as being a nice therapeutic time freely painting actually ended up stressing me out.  I thought I could sit down and just create something pretty but the more I painted, the more frustrated I grew.  I don't pretend to believe I have actual artistic ability but, it was just so annoying that I couldn't create what I saw in my mind.  At any rate, I promised to unveil these paintings today so I will...

Like I said, I really don't love either one but I really want to make something I have had on my mind lately and I need a painting to complete it.  I could buy something but I am not that interested in spending money on this little project.

Watercolor paints are fun and very forgiving if you have, say, no artistic ability :)

So if you had to choose one, which would it be?

A.  Falling Leaves

B.  The Mountains

*both named by my sons, who think I am pretty much Picasso

Once the painting is chosen I am going to make something to replace my DIY abstract art

{more on the paper scrap art and tassels, here}

Here is a hint at what I have in mind...
Mini Pull Down Map Vintage Style Wall Hanging Poster Print on Fabric with Stained Wood Trim - United States Map (10.25"x8.25"). $22.00, via Etsy.


DIY: Vintage Classroom-Style Posters. A cheap and easy way to display or hang any poster!

How to make a vintage style poster

I was amazed yesterday at how badly I felt after this little project fail.  I had a knot in my stomach all day thinking about how un-artistic I am was and how much of a blogging failure I was for not being able to pull together the post I had envisioned.  I go there in my mind any time something doesn't go exactly according to plan and I finally realized yesterday how silly that is.  Being creative takes work like any other job and it is so important to not let the "failures" get to you.  There will always be a better version of what you had envisioned, BUT there will also always be the satisfaction of trying the idea in the first place.  So to all my other creative friends out there I say...keep on plugging away even when Pinterest/blogs/a "failure" make you start to think you have no business creating anything!    Create away and shrug off the things that don't work!

Happy Monday all you beautiful creative things, you!


  1. First, we've all been there and you're way too hard on yourself. I truly think they look great, and like them both together!! I too learned abstracts are SO, SO much harder than they look!

    1. It always makes me have a whole new respect for artists!

  2. I think you did a great job. I like the one on the left a lot. At least you gave it a try, a lot of people don't even get that far.

    1. I agree- I am definitely afraid to try something. I just need to remember to set my expectations accordingly!

  3. I'm with Elizabeth. I like the left one but they are both great

  4. I would choose Falling Leaves. I think it looks great!


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