Thursday, March 13, 2014

client project || plans for a shared boys room

I have been working on a bedroom for two really cute little boys.  We started with navy and white striped duvets and have been trying to figure out all the rest.  Navy is so versatile that we struggled to decide which accent color we liked best.  Eventually we decided that orange was fun and got really excited when we found this rug....

RMJ boys room pillows

Although the options for green or yellow as accent colors were also pretty tempting....

option 2

Another option

Turns out though, that the father of these little boys had his own vision in mind.  Isn't funny how we ladies just assume the guys don't even care what we are doing in our houses.  Apparently he had envisioned a sports-themed room paying homage to his beloved Michigan.  I will be honest, I shuddered a little when I heard sports themed.  I immediately saw pennants, and teddy bears holding baseball bats, but after talking I realized he didn't want all that.  Instead we are finding ways to incorporate navy and yellow as well as some sports memorabilia he has had in storage.  I think in the end it will end up being a sort of vintage look so I am really excited.  Plans get over it.

Two things that are definitely going in the room are this pouf and some type of fun yellow fabric...maybe not this one in the picture but a good one for sure!

 Threshold™ Kilim Square Pouf


And these little boys just happen to live in the house where I put together these other rooms:


Stay tuned!!


  1. i am all about option one since teddy bears with baseball bats are out of the question- way to be a buzzkill. ;)

    1. It's so hard to let go of our "visions" isn't it!!

  2. Too bad you can't do option one - love, love, love that rug and everything that you had going on with it! I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome that your little clients like!

    1. I am having a hard time parting with the rug especially but I will survive :)

  3. Dang! I'm all over #1 too, maybe they can make a little man cave in the garage and decorate it in their beloved Michigan colors! :)

  4. This is what makes design fun ... sometimes frustrating, but you will take Mr's vision and create a perfect space for them!! xo


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