Monday, March 10, 2014


Today I want to discuss ACP.  A little hashtag I have created to describe my life as of late.  ACP: Adult Child Problems.  Wouldn't those be some fun photos to tag on Instagram!  I am, overall, a happy person.  I probably don't always come off as such and my sarcasm may read really bitter but I am truly content, for the most part.  However, I have a real dysfunctional family sometimes.  I say that with a lot of love and a huge dose of humor.  And I mean my original, mom, dad, and sisters family.  Whooo we could write a book!  Luckily for me and my therapy bill I have found blogging.

When the anxiety rises, I do what makes me happy...find things to move around and set up little pretty settings.  Last week these new little vignettes kept me from going all turtle time.

I decided to mess around with my nightstand and stage it to look like I am a pretty old lady.

I painted over a $1 Goodwill canvas...

It required no talent and added some gold to my new granny styling...

I found new ways to stash my jewelry...

And then I wallowed in the love shown to me by some fellow bloggers.

Am I the only gal in blogland who doesn't yet have the addicting Waterlogue App? Beth from DesignPOST Interiors not only has the app but she's used it to create this fabulous {Waterlogue App Gallery Wall} in her home office/guest room. I don't know which I love more - her gallery wall, the colorful drapes and cornices, or that huge desk with the red legs - such an unbelievable space!

See, playing with accessories and reading blogs really is good for the soul.  At least my soul.  And it certainly helps combat #ACP.  Tell me I'm not the only one?!


  1. sometimes i think we are the same person- i deal with stress with my kids by holing up and doing something crafty. they can just go away. ;)

    1. Oh yeah, if my family sees me with a staple gun or heat n bond, they know to stay away from mommy :)

  2. I'm not sure how I missed this post but I'm with ya!!! When I am down I paint stuff and read blogs!!! It is therapeutic. Love your post and I am loving your blog. Glad we met...virtually for now :)


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