Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lightening Up (Johnny Cash Style)

A note written by Johnny Cash
{Source unknown}

I like Johnny's simplicity...and sense of humor.  If I made a list today it would probably include things like: 

1.  Stop eating white chocolate covered Oreos
2.  re-do entire house
3.  go to bed earlier

It's that time of year to pare down the lists and enjoy the moments.  Easier said than done though, right? Especially when you have two back-to-back December babies!  Just this week I have one child's birthday, another one's holiday program, and jury duty thrown in just for fun!  Life is all about seasons, figuratively and literally, and I have accepted that, for this season in our lives, perfect decorations and creative posts just aren't top priority.  Neither is a family photo shoot with Dave LaChapelle, but that may never be.  I will be posting here and there up until my kids' school break begins on the 20th and then I will completely break until the New Year.  Just a heads up in case posting is sparse.  I know how hard it will be to live without me :)

I do have a couple of fun things to share though so make sure to check in and of course I will be instagramming so check in there too.  If you aren't following me yet you can do that here!  You don't want to miss cuteness like this:

Have a great non-list-making Monday!


  1. I still write a daily "To do Today" list...just seams to help me stay on track. Glad to hear you are taking some time to be "present"...during this season of presents! You wont regret it...I promise!

    1. I'm a lister too but I just want to live day to day for a little bit. I am sure by january I will be in major list withdrawals!

  2. That Johnny, he's so good. That list is awesome.

  3. Somehow I feel like your Christmas card would be MUCH more Christmas-y than anything David LaChapelle comes up with! :)


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