Wednesday, May 23, 2012

an argument for a white couch in a home with kids

A few years back my husband and I were really wanting a soft comfortable feel to our house.
I was pregnant and it was around the holidays, so I think I was craving that warm and cozy feel.
We bought a great couch from ZGallerie with deep seats and lots of over stuffed pillows.

Great couch-wrong room.
Our living room is so small and the big brown couch just seems to suck all of the light out of the room.

See even "decorators" have buyers remorse over furniture.

And not only is the couch dark, it is HUGE.  Way too huge for the space.
This picture does not give you a good idea of the scale but trust me it is mammoth.
Again, what were we smoking that day??

So one of our projects on the list is to switch out that couch and the massive matching chair.
(I will dedicate a post one day to my thoughts on consigning versus Craigslisting furniture.)

We already own an Ektorp corner sofa from IKEA in light brown and it is currently in our playroom.
  We are going to have to move it from there when we convert the playroom to a bedroom so we are considering moving it downstairs to the living room.
EKTORP Corner sofa 2+2 slipcover IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.

Although this couch is also on the bigger side, it's frame is not as large as our current one and it just seems more compact.  My only problem with it is that I am not digging the blah beige.  Luckily we can get a new slip-cover for $100.  

EKTORP Corner sofa 2+2 slipcover IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.

I have been wanting a white couch for a long time but I have never been able to convince my husband that it's a sane choice given that we have two boys, a dog, and a baby on the way.  You may agree with him but here are my selling points:

1.  It's a slip cover therefor it can be washed.  I have removed and washed our beige Ektorp cover and washed it and it was very easy.  It washed easily in my front loader and was a cinch to put back on.  Any wrinkles from air-drying fell out on their own.  I have done a little research and so far what I have been told is that you can bleach the white cover with no problem.  My cousin has 4 boys under the age of 12 and she swears by her white couch.  
It's not IKEA but 4 boys and it still looks awesome...I'm sold!

2.  Call it high-maintenance, but nothing breathes life (and light!) into a small space like crisp white furniture.  Using white, whether in furniture choices or accessories is a great solution for visually opening up small spaces.  See what I mean...

White couches!
White couches, darker walls.
*Also very close to the pint color we will most-likely use

white couches

Ruthie Sommers House Beautiful - love the white couches

The image above is of one of my favorite "white couch rooms" done by The Nester.
She not only used a white couch in a small space but her home exemplifies beautiful decor on a budget.

Speaking of budgets, I will not be able to go crazy spending on this room.  It will be much more of a 
use-what-we've got kinda plan.  However our coffee table is outdated and about to lose a leg (sounds pretty, huh?) so we may have to fork over cash for a new one.  I would love a cushy ottoman.
How killer is this one?  It's only $90, here.

  I love the colors and it would begin to introduce more of that hippie chic look I want in our house.
Not so much hippie, just more of a collected feel with lots of fabric.
More like beach house eclectic chic.


couch by bbarden on

I am still busy plugging away trying to tie up loose ends but I wanted to share a little of my thoughts with you today.  I will check back in soon with baby news (girlorboygirlorboy??) and more progress on the decorating front.


  1. You have me sold on white!! That ottoman is only $90?! Score!!!!

  2. LOVE that ottoman. On the white couch my WORD do I feel the total opposite! I feel like white is so opposite of high maintenance! (Brace yourself for the exclamations in this comment) All my sheets, towels, slipcovers in my house are white because I heart bleach. Love it want to marry it and have fresh smelling bleachy babies. Love. I have the ikea ektorp sofa in my living room. I have white slipcovered dining chairs. They rule! YOu will be so so happy.

    And HA to the HA on the brown sofa. I did the same thing lying in the hospital bed...

  3. Lauren you crack my ass up! I lust over your brass vintage etagere!


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