Monday, April 23, 2012

sleep in seattle

There will be no sleeplessness when I arrive in Seattle kids-free.  Sleep is my best friend these days and I plan to get lots of it in between hanging out with my sister.  I am going to see her new city and this will be my first trip to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  

I picture a really cool city just through a misty rain, but we'll see.  

I started looking around at some Seattle-based interior designers just to see what people in that neck of the woods do and I found this really cool architecture and design firm, Shed.  They design, plan, and build some cool stuff.  

Waaay more modern than I would ever go but really cool.  You have to look through their portfolio page and see what I mean.  Be sure to check out their version of an addition to a house!  

I chose one of my favorites to share here...rustic meets modern, my kind of modern!

Am I the only one (other than my husband) that dreams of renovating an old barn into a house?!
I love the thought of a taking something so wide-open and turning it into a dream house.
Plus imagine the piece of land it probably sits on!

Where ever my dream house ends up it is GOING to have big sliding doors that open up to the outdoors.  I want a house that can transform into basically just a roof over our heads.
If it opens up to an ocean of some sort that will be a plus but I will take a barn too.

This kitchen just might be my favorite part of the house.  It's either this room or the bathroom (coming next!) but something about those exposed wooden shelves and the bookcase under the island that makes this seem so inviting.

But...then there's this.  A bathroom that opens to the outside as well!
I love the open vanity, I am obsessed with the natural wood walls, and I need a bathroom that has a disappearing wall!     

To see the full gallery of this project and others go here.

I will be taking off from blogging to hang out with my sister this week.
I am always trying to make sure I don't get caught up in distractions, i.e., technology and miss the good moments in life.  

I have actually even tried to instill some of this attitude into my picture-taking lately.
I have become so behind at uploading, organizing, and developing my pictures.  Like, 2 years behind and it has become a constant source of anxiety.  I literally beat myself up about it.  I read an interview with Leelee Sobieski (who?) the other day...I know who knew she was even still around much less spewing good advice but...she said that once a week she and her husband turn off all phones, computers, and cameras.  She stops obsessing about capturing every moment and just enjoys it in real life instead. 

It's so true...I should just enjoy the moment instead of stressing about getting a picture.
It's one more way to take some guilt and pressure off myself which makes me happier...which makes me less evil-mommy.

So all that rambling to say that I am trying to unplug when I can and when it's important so this week will be sparse but I will be enjoying time with my sister and nephew.  I hope you enjoy something or lots of things this week too!

See you in a few days after I have traveled to the opposite side of the country, have finished Mockingjay, and have slept and eaten generous amounts...there will not be pictures :)

ps...when I come back remind me to share pictures of my new dining room light and a finished sitting room I have been working on!


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