Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take Two: Aquahaus

I literally feel like I went back to school along with my kids this week!  I feel like I am strolling the (virtual) halls and seeing all my friends again.  Suddenly the blog world is stirring and so many of my favorite blogs are waking up from their summer break.  Me included!  I love seeing all the new posts, tours, and comments from all the people who inspire me!  Today I am so happy to have Celine from Aquahaus here for Take Two.
I started regularly reading her blog about a year ago
and I just love her style.  It is so effortlessly cool with almost a rock n roll vibe!

Take Two: house

Take Two: life and spare change

Ya know, it's funny, after numerous Take Two posts no one has ever said they would save that $5!  Glad we all spend frivolously together!  I know you all love Celine's house as much as me and that's just a snippet!  Go visit her blog at Aquahaus and make sure to check out her plans for renovating an Airstream (my dream!).  And if you have missed any previous posts you can catch up here:

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