Friday, March 14, 2014

my favorites this week 3.14.14

We all know it's Friday.  We all know that means the weekend is a matter of hours away, but I am fairly certain that no one is more excited about the weekend than me!!  All my brain cells are fried from this week.  I started the week off talking about child problems and this week included some seriously emotionally taxing things.  Lots of feelings talks and I am drained.  Happily the talks were needed and relieving but shoot, family junk is so layered and hard.  So I am happy to just look at pretty things and await my Saturday....
For the wall. @La Farme / Anne Foster looks like something right up your alley also!!
1.  A way to add a little spring to your antlers.  (original link to Piece of Toast is not working :( )
2.  I am so bummed I couldn't be at this event.  Especially to see Emily's styling in the AIRBNB courtyard in person!  Could I just have her life for one day?!
3.  This is a pretty neutral rug.
4.  Cool company and cool idea for incorporating lights into a room.

RVCA Lush Deserts Chambray Maxi Skirt

5.  I really feel like maxi skirts will be my go-to outfit this spring.  I love this chambray one, but when I showed my sister she asked "if it was from the Duggar collection?!"  Whose right on this one y'all?
6.  I love this shirt!
7.  This is a great-looking console.
8.  A great blanket to layer with some bedding.

9.  People are always looking for a good chesterfield.  This sofa is marked down from $3800 to $1500 right now!
10.  I made these gourmet grilled cheeses this week and they were scrumptious!
11.  Cool little studs.
12.  I love everything about this bathroom...rustic, natural, and coastal.


  1. i have been wanting to springify my antlers- love the simplicity of these!

  2. I love a good maxi ... just wish I were a little taller!! xo

  3. Those antlers are really cute, and I love that chesterfield sofa! What a great price!!

  4. OMG I wish I had the room for that chesterfield - i love it!

  5. LOve the antlers with the flowers. So pretty!

  6. Love the sofa!

    Your blog is fabulous....I'm a new follower!


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