Thursday, March 6, 2014

converting our office to a guest room

Earlier this week I shared my office and today I want to show you how I will also use this room for guests.  Yes, believe it or not, there are some sad souls out there who think visiting this crazy house is a good idea.  When they come I want to have a place to make them feel comfortable.  Although we do have an air mattress we could throw between the boys' twin beds, I am thinking we should go a little more luxe.

Here is the room as I shared it as an office:

And here it is with a few changes, serving as a guest room:

All of these changes require minimal work so it will be easy to flip the room for a weekend visitor.  First, I switch the direction of the bed.  This bed is on casters which makes it a breeze to switch.  Nobody likes to get stuck sleeping up next to the wall (hello face plant!) so I wanted to make sure the bed can be accessed from both sides.  I removed some of the pillows, but otherwise kept the bedding the same.  I added in another side table, which is an easy lightweight piece to move in and out.  You can read about that DIY here.

And my other table is still there but with some fresh flowers.
Only the best for my guests, only the best.

I also brought in a spare ottoman from our living room.  It serves as an end-of-bed bench which can be a nice place to unpack a suitcase or sit to put on shoes.  I bought this ottoman un-upholstered at the Pottery Barn Outlet and have yet to cover it with anything.  My quick "slip cover" solution is one of these West Elm spa towels.

I had a hard time deciding where to put that big frame since the bed would be moving, but I am so glad I went with this set up.  It's just off enough to make me happy.

With the guest room set up, there is no room for the kid area.  It works out well anyways because most people that are visiting us are bringing kids so we can always use the extra kid seating in our dining room, which is where the little table and chairs will go when we have guests.  Instead the shelves can be used for a vanity area.  I moved the small mirrors from above the cabinet to these shelves along with a barstool so that guests could put on makeup or get ready for the day.  It's always nice to have a mirror and area to touch yourself up instead of leaving your room for a bathroom.  Nothing like getting caught plucking your eyebrows!

Trays and bowls.  That's where its at for guests.

BTW Taylor also revamped this old stool of ours by painting and sealing the top of it white.  The man is earning big points with me lately :)  For us joint projects are not our strong suit.  Our worst nightmare is to work somewhere side by side.  He is so precise.  I am so not.  It works for marriage but not DIY.  So I am proud to report no papers filed and three chairs revamped!!  

With the mirrors gone I wanted to add something to the blank area above the cabinet.  Because I used Command Picture Hanging strips, switching out the mirrors is a breeze.  I decided to just put up a blank burlap memo bulletin board.  Depending on who is coming to visit, I can put up relevant pictures or momentos.  For this hypothetical visit my friend Cameron is coming to visit.  That's her and I and her precious daughter, Bowen.

I also cleared more space on the cabinet top so our guests would have plenty of space to lay out their own stuff.  It's always nice to have trays and dishes for stray jewelry, change, and stuff.  And no guest room is complete without fresh flowers.  Go all out.  You can do it for cheap!  I spent $10 on flowers at Whole Foods and was able to make three hearty bouquets.


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  1. This is such a smart, beautiful space. In some ways it's so silly having a guest room that is unused 99% of the time - having your office space so easily convert to a comfortable guest room is perfect!

    1. Thanks Kris! And it was so fun to see it as one of your favorites on the link up!

  2. I love love love the oversized frame and matte! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it? Really adoring that blue buffalo check too. Great job.

  3. I love clever thinking / solutions and this room maximizes both those qualities plus it is so cute. Now I'm heading upstairs to our wasteland - I mean guest room, and considering if that daybed / guest bed option works for us.

  4. Lovely! I'll soon be starting on my son's room that will occasionally double as a guest room; this gave me some fresh ideas. Thanks!

  5. I love a space that can pull double duty. Any guest you have will be thrilled to stay there!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully this room will counter balance the cheetos prints on the couch!

  6. I LOVE what you did in here!! It looks so so good. I really love too that this room is muli-purpose. So very practical. Your description of you and your husband's diying styles made me laugh because that is just like Rob and I- if we're going to do something, he wants it done perfectly. Where I just want it done- I'm ok without perfection. :)

  7. So bright and cheery! The prints on the fabrics coordinate so nicely. Love the framed "nap" slogan.

  8. love it! the combination of textiles is my favorite aspect- the buffalo check paired with vibrant colors- so fun!


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