Monday, December 9, 2013

gifts for the interior designer/DIYer/creative in your life

These gifts would be great for all the designers in your life...wannabe or real.  And they would make the day of any DIYer you might know.  They might even work for the person who claims to hate DIY because they make even the most intimidating projects seem reasonable and maybe  Here is what I would give and how I would wrap it up...

First, I would use a pretty metal basket and lay the IKEA Tejn rug inside to make a cozy liner.
That small rug shows up everywhere on Pinterest so your recipient could have some fun finding a spot in their own house.  After I filled the basket I would tie it all up with some festive silver tinsel.

blogger gifts

How fun would it be to get a basket full of treats like this?  
I would include some of my favorite "tools," like
Heat N Bond no sew tape, Command Picture Hanging Strips, Frog Painter's Tape, and Design Master gold spray paint.
These are the things that give me confidence to even try a DIY project.
A yard of striped fabric and an IKEA pillow insert could be a great no-sew project!

I would also put in some well-known blogger favorites, like washi tape, baker's twine, and a blank canvas with the hopes that their imagination could run wild.

And, of course, what creative basket would be complete without a little green succulent to spruce up your house and a pretty bowl to stash things on your nightstand.

My favorite gifts in this basket though, are the kits.
The Water Paper Paint kit includes all the supplies to paint your own cards and the
Tissue Paper Kit has everything you need to make your own festive garland (I want this!)

With the spray paint and some of the goodies they could create these simple DIYs....

diy gift ideas 1

And don't leave your novices just holding a basket of foreign items.
Give them the links to your favorite projects.

gift tags

Here are the links I had in mind for my basket goodies:

spray painted animals
spray painted scissors
washi tape gallery wall
baker's twine pot

I know this was a super long post, but how fun would it be to gather up a basket like this.
Everything is pretty inexpensive, but you could even pick and choose just a few of the items and still have a great basket o' goodies.  Are you a gift basket kind of giver or do you stick with a wrapped gift?
What gifts are you excited about giving this year??


  1. What a fun basket to receive! love this idea.

  2. I love gift them and getting them. I will send you my address so you can tie it all up with that pretty silver tinsel...and mail it to me! :)

  3. Great ideas Beth!!! you know I actually spray painted my tape dispenser gold? And I love it, the scissors, I would love to try too!


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