Monday, December 2, 2013

dare to mix

Did anyone else enter the I Suwannee Polyvore contest?  Mrs. Meares hosted a contest to test our mixing skills and I submitted a board.  I love playing around on Polyvore so it was easy homework, especially since I was using pieces from Furbish and Anthropologie.  Not real hard to make pretty with those places!  I am hoping I score the $500 Anthro gift card...fingers crossed!  And I wouldn't mind having this woman-cave I designed either.  On a side note, the other day a (non-blogging) friend of mine casually mentioned that she went to school with Jamie Meares....even played on a softball team with her.  Am I the only one who would freak out over this information?  We are all in agreement that The Jamie Meares is a celebrity, right?

dare to mix

For all sources click, here.


  1. What a fun contest! Your board looks great, I'd hang with you in there for sure ;)

    1. It has me in the mood for a girls night! You'd definitely be invited!

  2. I love the color palette and patterns you've selected. The layered rugs are perfect, wish I owned the top one! So many textures and patterns create such lovely layers and a really cozy space.

  3. Hells yes I would freak over that info! :) Love your board. Good luck!


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