Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my house: living room change up

And just when you thought my IKEA shelves were safe.  Right after sharing pictures of my shelf styling our washing machine broke.  Because, ya know, it's the holidays and things always break during the most expensive month of the year!  To get the new one in we had to move the shelves out of the way, which naturally led to rearranging my whole living room.  Naturally.

I pared things down as far as accessories this go-round since they are 
closer to the front door, i.e., slamming and bumping.

A place for keys and mail...

Secret diaper stash...

Oprah is always in the mix...

Photo albums, a.k.a photo books that I am slowly starting to make...

 And in this little rearranging my "entryway" table had to find a new spot.
I am not done working on this little area so just a sneak peak today...

My little Halloween skull is still hanging around, 
but not for long...I have a new project coming up that will have him relocating.
I will tell you more on that later.  Muhuhahahah suspense :)

My kids are off school starting tomorrow so I will be taking a couple of days off.
Hope you all have a great time stuffing your faces and being with family and friends!


  1. Your living room is so pretty, Beth! What great storage you have tucked in here and there!

    1. Thanks- you know baskets are a God-send during these baby years :)

  2. Love your details and styling. I am working on a photo book today...Groupon expires tomorrow! It will be my first one and I am excited to put it together. After that...setting up the table for Thursday! Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

    1. I always wait until the last minute with those Groupons and end up way too late on Shutterfly! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  3. Cute and smart styling. I bet you are gonna miss your gold skull!


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