Monday, December 3, 2012

Harper's nursery

Welcome to my little lady's abode!
It is hands-down my new favorite room in our house!
If you have been hanging around here for awhile, you know that I changed 
my plans numerous times but all of the changes, planned or not, turned out for the best.

I was going for a fun, layered, eclectic look.
I knew I wanted some glam mixed with industrial and definitely nothing too babyish.
So let's get on to the picture overload...

The rug was one of the elements that changed throughout this process.
I originally had planned to use a navy rug but when it arrived I was not loving it.
This kilim rug from Pottery Barn Teen was my second choice but 
ended up being my favorite thing in the room! 

I layered the rug over 2 natural fiber rugs from IKEA.  Both rugs are layered over the beige carpet.
I hate the blah carpet and wanted to cover it and I also liked the idea of several rugs layered for a more collected feel. 

Second to the rug, the stencil is my favorite part of this room.
I wanted the look and feel of wallpaper but definitely did not want the damage to my wallet.
This stencil from Royal Design Stencils was the very first thing I purchased for the room.
At $15, it is ridiculously less expensive than any wallpaper and we were able to knock it out in a weekend.  I used Martha Stewart's metallic gold craft paint and a small sponge roller.

I definitely did not shy away from color or pattern in this room.  In fact, I added as much of both as I could!  I did not have an exact plan for all the details initially so much of the patterns and color combinations came together bit by bit.  If I saw something I liked, I used it as long as it fit in with the general colors and feel of the room.

Our glider had been through my 2 boys and was in need of some TLC.
I used a local man for the reupholstery job (email me if you are in Charlotte because he is the best!)
and I found this Indian Clover fabric from Domesticate on Spoonflower. 

I wanted to be able to use this chair in her room even when she outgrows a nursery so I chose a fabric that would be adaptable.  I could possibly even see it in another room of our house.

This shelf was a steal that I will share more about later when I break down the deals for yall.
I tried to mix in some new and old items, like the picture of my own mom holding me just minutes after I was born next to the DIY accessories board I finished before she was born. 

I also brought in a variety of items from around our house when styling her shelves.
I snagged these two Eiffel Tower Christmas ornaments from our tree!
They go perfectly with the mixed metals in the room and signify a really special place for me & Taylor!

(picture of Miss. H to come...)

Nothing is off limits for me when it comes to home decor, 
if I like it, it works.
I saw this DOG TOY and knew it would make a perfect bookend.
I have seen similar "knots" in magazines and on blogs so I was thrilled to snatch up Fido's toy for $6!

Since this room was one of the rooms added to the original house, it has a dormer which creates the perfect little play nook.  

The pictures are from a children's book framed in frames I bought at HomeGoods.
Paris is where we got engaged so it always plays into the rooms in our house.
I loved these simple watercolor drawings and thought they would be perfect inexpensive 
art for her room.

I bought these cardboard birds once on a random Michael's trip.
They have been sitting in a drawer for months so I decided to finally do something with them.  
I painted them with the same metallic paint I used for the stencil and taped them to the ceiling.

The changing table got a little make-over as well.
New hardware to tie in more gold and add some antique (-looking) charm.
(Found at Hobby Lobby, but I only see the silver version online)

I again pulled bowls and vases from around my house including a small trinket box of my own.
I like the feel of things passed-down in a little girl's room.
I did purchase the pink striped basket at Target to house all of her lotions and baby stuff.

And this art was a little creation of my own!
I simply painted the canvas gold then stuck vinyl letters on to spell the words.
I then painted over the whole thing with black paint and removed the stickers.  
Voila...custom art for my little lady!

More gold?  Yes please!
I mentioned my inspiration for this gold curtain hardware in this post.
I ended up swapping out the grey curtains for black for a little added drama.

My husband flat out laughed in my face when I said our newborn daughter needed a "dressing area."
Without a closet in the room, the garment rack was a must and I absolutely love how it turned out.
I found the instructions here, and my wonderful brother-in-law, Jonathan, put the whole thing together.

I repurposed an old mirror that used to hang in our dining room.
A quick glossy coat of pink paint gave it new life.
Because, what girl doesn't need a full-length mirror...even if they are 1 month old?!

I love being able to display her adorable tiny clothes and let them become part of the room's design!

Her bedding is another place where I saved major moolah.
We are using the same crib I used for both boys which originally cost us $100.
I also used the same crib skirt but tweaked it with some pink pom-pom trim.
I purchased these crib sheets from Target.

Every time I walk in this room I feel a burst of happiness.
The colors.  The patterns.  The absolute girliness without being too sweet.

Seeing this little beauty doesn't hurt either...

I think she likes it too...

I hope you all enjoyed the tour!
What do you think??

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So many sweet little nooks.

  2. OMG Beth! The room is absolutely gorgeous. Ingenius use of some of the extras like the dog toy bookend! You're doing our living room next, right?! lol

  3. Love it beth! Okay ready for you to start working on Sadie's big girl room!!!

  4. Beth, I love that you incorporated so much in Harper's room! A girly boudoir! The rug really pulls it all together. Oh the stencils and birdies--perfection. Love that very special dressing area for Miss Harper and her changing table art. The little pops of blue are cool! Excellent job, my friend, excellent!

    1. Thank you Linda! I am glad all the little details didn't go unnoticed!

  5. It's so pretty! I absolutely love that rug! I love all the patterns and colors you used, it's perfect!

    1. Thanks! I love all the colors and am glad someone else does too!

  6. SO lovely!! What an amazing job you did. I love all the little details, genius!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It is so nice to feel the love from other bloggers that understand how hard it can be to decorate your own home!

  7. Simply adorable...the room and your daughter! What a lovely place to doze off into dreamland every night...and wake up in to start the beautiful day!

    1. Thank you Laura! I hope she likes it as much as me!

  8. Way to go Beth! It is spectacular! Love it, and all that fun color will grow with her. Great space! She is so beautiful- one lucky family!

  9. I saw this on pinterst and LOVE it. You chose patterns and colors that I wouldn't normally think to coordinate and it turned out beautiful. You have LOTS of inspiring things going on there. I want MY room to look like this!

    And your daughter is just the cutest!

  10. i can see why you like this room. there are so many hidden gems to discover! when i did my nursery both times ( i have girls 3 and 5 months), i had so much fun! i shopped my house as well and found that staying in a budget made it more thrilling. here are my rooms:

    This makes me want to go and redo something else!

    1. I can tell a lot of love went into all of your girls rooms!

  11. oh my gosh, the rug is my absolute favorite too! I am obsessed with that rug! If i could find a place for it in my home, I'd steal it from you! the nursery is beautiful. You did a fabulous job! Harper is a lucky little girl! love all of the details and accents. Also, i'm loving the pom pom dust ruffle on the bed and all of the patterns in the room that blend wonderfully together! great job!

    1. Hands off my rug lady!! I am so glad the other one didn't work out! Thanks for the sweet compliments!

  12. GET THIS ROOM PHOTOGRAPHED! Seriously, it's too good! little treats in every corner. You nailed it, lady love! Oh, and you did a pretty good job on H too :)

    1. You are making me blush :) I am so glad you like it!

  13. That nursery is gorgeous! I love what you did with the space. When I first saw the pictures I was like, hrm, that's a really beautiful wallpaper, just to later read you stenciled the walls! I really like the pattern you chose and how it came out. Looks so nice, bright and fun, yet not overly colorful and bold which sometimes I think can make you a little dizzy! It looks really cozy, and she's quite the beauty too!

    1. Thanks for checking it out Linn and I am so glad I fooled at least one person into thinking it was wallpaper :) I am glad that you don't find it overboard bc I worried about that!

  14. Your nursery is gorgeous! It is the perfect dose of pretty/color/punch and sweet enough for a baby girl. I am working on our son's nursery- it is my most favorite project to date!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that room! Have fun finishing up your space for your little man!

  15. Hello, there, gorgeous room!! And hi, talented mom!
    I love the room, the stencil on the wall is gold, girly, therefore I like it so!! Everything you brought in there works and the sweet sweet baby girl is precious!!
    Came over Linda's blog to say hi and to tell you: great work!!
    And yeyy on the guest post!!


    1. Thank you Ozana! So glad you found me all the way from Romania!

  16. So gorgeous!!! Both baby and room!! Love all the touches of gold and pink!!

    1. Thanks for checking it out Laney! I love your style so I take it as a huge compliment!

  17. Adorable!! Love the stenciled wall and the fabric on the chair . . .too cute for words. Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks- compliments from you make me feel like I must be doing something right :) The link-up was so much fun and I found lots of new blogs...good or bad? I am not sure!

  18. It's perfect! I love every single detail. Beautiful work Beth!

  19. What a beautiful nursery! Random question, but did you paint your Jenny Lind crib? I am having twin boys and chose the same crib (also in white), but it is not a glossy finish as yours appears to be. I am dying to paint it, but everyone thinks I am insane for wanting to do so.

  20. Lovely Nursery! I want to copy this room for my little one coming next year! I am in love with your crib. You said you used it for the last 2 boys but do you remember where you got it? Or how I would go about searching for one just like it online?


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