Friday, June 8, 2012

ocean art

If there is one thing to know about me, more than any other thing, it is that I love the beach.  In fact, I consider it a true miracle that I have never lived at the beach.  I was this close to attending UNC Wilmington, which is located at Wrightsville Beach, NC but somehow at the last minute I was convinced to go to NC State.  I am sure that was a blessing in disguise because for the life of me I would not have been able to choose class over the beach.

As soon as I start breathing beach air I am a different person.  My husband loves to watch my whole attitude change as we come up over a connector bridge.  My soul belongs at the beach.

Right now, with summer looming, I can't help but feel anxious for the first time I can step my toes in the sand.  Today in Lowes, of all places, I purchased a large poster for my boys' room that I just know will make me smile every time I look at it...

It was only $7 and I plan to pick up a poster size frame at either Target or IKEA this week.  And while on the subject, I also have been eying this print.  It is by Society6 and can be purchased from Urban Outfitters- one of my favorites for inexpensive accessories.

Pinned Image

I have actually just included this print in an e-design board for a new client.

I will be sharing the rest of those e-design boards next week, but here is a sneak peek with the ocean print at work...

e-design master

ps.  How cool would it be to use two of those prints over twin beds?!  I am really trying to find one good reason I shouldn't include them in the boys' room.  I love that it would feel like you have a porthole with a view!

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