Friday, June 22, 2012

friday purge (6/22/12)

Welcome to a new series of posts.  Every week I spend embarrassing amounts of time looking for or looking at home decor-related things.  Sometimes by the weekend I feel like I need to clear and reboot my mind otherwise it might just explode all the interior design goodness I have stock piled for the week!

Hence..."Friday Purge!"  Every Friday (or the ones I remember) I am going to unload my mental clutter but I promise to keep it to only the deals, must-haves, and, pretty things!

First edition, let's go...

2 Designer Pillow Covers Grey White Ikat Any SizeThese pillows are a steal!  Two covers for $45 and the print is to die for!  I envision them in a boy's room in an abstract-car-theme type room...they kind of look like tires to me :)

This playroom has all the crucial elements of a fun and functional kids space.  I love the bench fabric and the forest wallpaper.  The organization would make any mama happy too!

Woven Storage Basket - Green - Fair TradeSpeaking of pretty storage, how about these African baskets??  I won't lie to you and say they're cheap but they have the coolest patterns and colors.

 I am so happy to have found this changing pad cover!  I love the simple navy and white stripes and think it could go so well with some other patterns/fabrics I am using in our new nursery!

Polka-dot art How incredibly easy would a DIY version of this painting be??  I am having major impulses to recreate something similar in my house!  {Sorry not sure of source??}

Pinned Image I like surfaces...lots and lots of surfaces for all of my clutter.  Displayed right, my clutter looks more beautiful.  A side table like this could really help my clutter!  AND it's on sale right now!

LIDAN Basket, set of 2 IKEA Handmade. Each basket is unique. Suitable for use in damp spaces.After completing my suuuper easy ombre DIY this past week, I am obsessing over all the uses for the Lidan baskets at IKEA!

And while discussing DIYs, here are two that are going to be happening this summer:

 I am going to pom-pom the heck outta some pillows around here, just like she did!

 And this little project is calling my inner artist!

Pinned Image And on the fashion front I need these shoes.  I also need H&M to offer online shopping!

*UPDATE: A friend just let me know that H&M is offering online shopping this fall!  Holla- they must have read this post this morning :)

pale blue geo ring  And I will take one of these rings in every color!

Annnnd breathe!  I feel 10 lbs. lighter.
Here's to a great first weekend of summer!


  1. wow, that's quite a roundup! Have a great weekend!

    1. I know! I needed to unload all of that to someone :)


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