Friday, May 4, 2012

organizing your bathroom

I believe that the little successes need to be celebrated too.
Sometimes just accomplishing one tiny task can make a word of difference even if it's just to you!

I have been making gradual steps back into the land of the living now that my energy is picking back up
and one of my first little projects was to organize my make-up drawer.

I am feeling those nesting instincts kick in and I want everything simplified and organized.
It must be something about knowing that a new person, along with their new stuff, is going to be joining your household that makes you want to purge things and start fresh.

I especially wanted to tackle this drawer because although it is small it holds all of the things necessary to get  me out the door each morning.  Cleaning it up means streamlining my morning routine a bit and I can always use help getting myself up and at 'em!


{originally posted about this here}

It was mainly old or rarely-used make-up as I have been keeping my daily make-up in a travel pouch and doing it on the run.  I also was storing some other junk here like my iron pills, a tan towel, aspirin, and red lipstick that I will NEVER have the nerve to wear!

After wiping down all the trays and throwing away old stuff here is the 

Sorry, I know that picture probably gives you motion sickness!
My camera is charging from a lot of use this morning on client projects so I had to use my phone.

I separated all of my make-up by category (eyes, lips, face) and created a tray just for tools.

I also took out anything that was non-make-up related. 
So far I am loving my new-and-improved drawer and it is making 
my morning routine go a lot smoother.  

Here are some other quick orgnaizing tips for your bathroom.
I came across them on one of my favorite blogs, and yes that is because Lauren Conrad is a part of it.
Ahh, old habits (The Hills, anyone?) die hard.



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