Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my dining room light

This should be titled, "Part 1 of 400" because I know I still have a lot of changes to make.
But before I go down that rabbit hole of all the things I still need to do in my house I will just show you some pictures.

This was our dining rom light before...

Look at my husband trying to clean up the disaster trail I leave :)

The light was fine but I wanted something with a little more pizazz.

I had originally planned to get something industrial and metal but ended up falling in love with this West Elm globe pendant.

It is simple and clean with a coastal feel.

I also needed something on a cord because if you couldn't tell from the pictures above our table was no longer centered to the light.  I needed to be able to swag the light over a bit.

When we added the built-in banquette the table had to be moved closer to the wall, which was great for opening up the space but bad for the light centered on the ceiling.

When I first saw the cord hanging it didn't bother me so much.
I was looking at it from this angle and it seemed fine.

*BTW sorry that I always tend to take slanted pictures. 
I must hold the camera weird??  Photographer I am not.

But the more I looked at it, especially from other angles it really started to bother me.
I think it is because the cord is black and really stands out against the cool colors of the room.

I am sticking with a palette of light turquoise, white, and burlap.
I do want to add some brighter colors to the banquette eventually but I am still not sure I would love the black cord.

My plan is to create a sleeve for the cord using burlap.  The same burlap that is the background of the silhouettes.  What do you think?  Would you cover it or am I a being overly anal?

On the plus side, the eddison light bulb is really cool although it barely gives off any light.
We will definitely have to add some other lighting down the road.

So what are your opinions on the light itself?
Cover?  Don't cover??

(window treatments, banquette cushion and pillows, bookcases, side chairs, lamps or sconces!!!)

(Its an OCD...I have to say what still needs to be done or I can't function)

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