Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY easter baskets

As soon as I saw this tutorial over on Ashley's blog I knew I would have to try it myself!  I ran to Michael's to buy my supplies:

crate ($5/each)
"grass" ($4/bag: I used one bag per crate)
steel wool ($4)

I already had this stuff on hand:

white vinegar
paint brushes
rub-on letters

I followed the steps from Ashley to "age" my crates; basically you let the wool soak in the vinegar for about 20 minutes which creates a brownish solution.  Then you just rub the steel wool on the crate.  Once it dries you take a paint brush and "paint" the crate with tea.  This adds another coat of stain.

I added a couple of tweaks of my own:

Instead of a stencil, I used some rub-on letters I had on hand (from the Michael's dollar bin).
Note: do not put the letters on before doing the aging process.  The liquid made the letters slip right off!
Luckily I had extras!


I didn't want their Easter goodies falling out of the slats 
so I decided to staple burlap to the inside to create a lining.

I had a little helper who could hardly wait to arrange the "grass."

I  love the rustic look of the crates and they are so much cuter than the store-bought baskets I have used in the past.  Another perk is that they make pretty cool decor in the meantime!

Oliver's crate had just been given a touch-up.

And tonight, after the stain had completely dried.

My stain came out a little more orange than Ashley's but I still like it.
I think the longer you leave the steel wool in the vinegar, the more it turns to a rust-like color.
If you are going for a more grey color just don't leave the wool soaking as long.

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