Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dip dyed hair and furniture

There are two things in life that always keep me striving for improvement: home decor and my hair.  I swear if I won the lottery tomorrow two of the first things I would do are totally gut and redecorate my house and hire a full-time hair stylist.  I am talking someone who is there each and every morning to wash, dry, and style my hair.  Highlights when I am looking drab, a trim when the ends get a little dead, and perfect beach waves for running errands.  Hair is not my thing, hence why mine is usually pretty boring.  Lucky for me I have a great friend who cuts and colors my hair and she is the type who just knows what I will like.  Amy...if I win the lottery you better pack your bags because you are moving in friend!

I am too chicken to cut my hair more than about an inch because it takes about 9 years to grow past my shoulders so color is the only way for me to go wild.  If you call highlights and an occasional lowlight wild.  I am dying for this look at my next appointment:

   blonde tips

I just love the bleached out tips that look like they could be a result of sun damage at the beach.
If I can't live a life where I do nothing but lounge on the beach I at least want my hair to look like it does!

My appointment is in April and I have full confidence in Amy so I will share some 
pictures after I get my hur did.

Here is some furniture that is following the same trend...
dip-dyed furniture

... the legs of my raw-wood kitchen table chairs will be dipped in paint. How killer cool is this? Oh... And I might acquire a long-haired daschund, too?

Paint dipped table legs

dipped table legs

Paint dipped anything. I want a tree trunk for an end table dipped in turquoise to match my front door!!

And these have been on my "DIY" board forever.
painted wooden spoons

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