Friday, March 23, 2012

a couple more things

Just when I think a weekend slump is coming, I open my mail to find this...

Remember when I posted about Stella Wishes, here?
Well Ann Marie created my very own personalized Date Necklace with my anniversary date.
And today it came in the mail!
Timing was perfect and I love the necklace.  
I can't wait to layer this baby with some other fun pieces I already own.  
Its the perfect little dainty necklace to throw on all summer.
*If you can't take from my ratty phone picture, it is silver and gold.

That's all you will be seeing of me in that photo because if I showed you anything from the neck-up you would run screaming from your computer screens.
I am keeping my friend's son this weekend so to keep up with a 15-month-old, 2 year-old, and 5 year-old a shower is optional for the next couple of days!

Speaking of little boys....another thing is lifting me out of my slump...

I purchased my favorite summer shoes for Sullivan!
These things are awesome if you have little ones with sweaty feet!
They are made by iPlay and sold at Buy Buy Baby here in Charlotte.  After using a 20% off coupon they come to around 10 bucks.  They are made in a rubbery material so they are great for playing in the mud, sand, water, etc.  I bought the same pair last year and they held up all summer long!  

ps...We'll talk more about that rug you see in the background next week!

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