Wednesday, January 4, 2012

crafting craziness

Just because I shared that I spent my NYE weekend decorating a toddler's bedroom don't go thinking that my weekend wasn't wild and crazy.  Oh no I got crazy on a DIY project.  I didn't just work I also busted out my crafting supplies and painted. Yep!  With my crazy 5 year old son.  Uh huh!!

He went nuts painting a masterpiece and I took a shot at some abstract art.  My inspiration: my most favorite pillows from IKEA.

 The inspiration...

my DIY "work of art"...can you really call sponge painting that?

I love the texture it adds to the room along with the chevron rug

I came across this pillow on Etsy...would be fun to add more versions of the dots!

Togo decorative pillow cover 20x20inch

And Oliver's masterpiece...

So after living with the painting for a day or two I decided it needed something.  Nothing a little metallic paint couldn't fix.  When in doubt, add some gold or silver.  Preferably both for some real depth.  I painted some metallic dots inside the blue ones and it gave it just the shimmer it needed!

Don't you love how the paint looks like coral?!  I love anything that references the ocean.

Stay tuned for another tweak I may do down the road.  I'm thinking this little painting needs a sister!

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  1. Your paintings are lovely! I really like the details up close, and the variance of each dot. Great job!


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