Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what i really wanted for valentine's day

My husband is a romantic guy.  He proposed in Paris, has surprised me with jewelry, and used to be the king of leaving little notes.  I only say used to because kids have entered the picture and those little things don't happen as often.  Which is fine because romance to me is a lot different now.  I love a man that will let me sleep in on the weekends and who offers to bathe the kids.  I would much rather have a guy who is happy doing house projects on the weekends than someone who wines and dines me.  Although I will never pass up food and wine!  

Although Taylor is romantic he is much better with out-of-the-blue gestures than on actual occasions.  I have learned that about him and so I never expect big things on Valentine's Day or Christmas.  He is much better at surprising me on a random Tuesday, which I have come to love about him.  So yesterday I didn't expect anything crazy.  We had a good dinner and caught up on American Idol and it was perfect.  But if I were to live in la la land I would have loved to receive this rug. . . 

It is for sale on One King's Lane right now with the last few minutes ticking by and I could just cry knowing I will never own it!  If I had a spare $5K lying around I would snatch it up in a heartbeat but it's not very often that I find $5K in pocket change.  I love the kelly green ikat pattern and how worn it looks.  It would be the perfect rug in a cozy den or library.  I can even see it in a girl's room.  In fact if I had a daughter here is what I could envision for her room...
future girls room
Because what young girl wouldn't want a canopy bed and lots of girly colors?!  I love the idea of a deep teal on the ceiling with a pair of matching sparkly crystal lamps.  The rug itself has a vintage feel so the rest of the room can handle some mix and match styles like the mid century nightstand and modern pendant light.  A sky blue would create a great calming background and allows for a mix of accent colors like fuscia, lilac, and green.  A room like this, to me is a perfect balance of fun and classy.  Just how I would like for my daughter to be.  And for the record: No I do not have a daughter nor do I know if I will ever have one but a girl can dream damn it!  


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